Project Description

CDI | San Jose Update | February, 2016

Here is a quick report about what our Center for Development is doing in Costa Rica:

  • Training 20 students for GED High School Equivalency
  • Conversational English to over 30 students
  • Quilting to an average of 15 women
  • Ballet to 15 young girls
  • Food Handling with 10 graduates so far this year
  • In just a few weeks the Music Classes for underprivileged kids will begin
  • Improving housing conditions for people who have special needs
  • Improving school facilities for children of underprivileged neighborhoods

Our main focus, where our time is being totally devoted is:

  • Establishing the framework to partner with La Sala to minister to street sex workers, ages 40-60 who charge $4 for their services, who need to make on average $220 a month and if they don’t make that they have to resource to begging. We are working on phase one, which will include a doctor 4 hours a week to check them all and provide treatment to those who need it. Phase one needs $18,000 for the first 12 months starting April 1. (We have a team of women that will work with them).
  • Working on establishing Phoenix Enterprise, a small business that will have a production workshop called My Masters Workshop, where we will train the women on basic skills, and help them produce stuff and sell it for them to get a solid minimum salary ($440) and social security benefits. If anyone asks about return on investment on this enterprise (effort, cause) should be measured by salaries paid. Ten women working a year would make $57,200; you might remember how our tortilla factory has paid about $500,000 of salaries over the years of operation.
  • Creating the curriculum and recruiting speakers to launch the leadership institute that will allow 15 young men and women, who will be trained in skills to be able to get and keep a job. Skills such as behavior, etiquete, computer skills, English skills, and other skills.