Project Description

Guatemala City

In 1988 the GCLA leadership team decided to plant the church in Guatemala City because it would be strategic in the advance of God’s kingdom. A team was formed by different people from the church in Tegucigalpa and San Pedro Sula. The following year (1989) a second team was sent to reinforce and support. The church kept growing gradually, in 1992, a pastor from Tegucigalpa was sent to work with a small group. In later years a member from the local church was raised as a pastor, who was there until 2013. It was in September of the same year, that one of the pastors and his wife from the church in San Pedro Sula moved to become responsible of the church in Guatemala.

Pastor: Raul T. Williams
Meetings: Saturdays, 6:00pm
Address: 23 Calle 31-83 zona 12 Colonia Santa Elisa, Guatemala, Guatemala
Phone: 2368.7955