Project Description

The Heath Herald

It’s crazy to think that we returned from Honduras a little over a month ago but I’m so excited to share all that the Lord did in and through our trip. Our trip was evangelism focused, so we had plenty of opportunities to go with the local church to share the Gospel. One student’s comment on how the trip affected their walk with Christ was, “In the process of evangelizing I was forced to confront the truth of God’s grace head on, and I want to grow more to understand that grace.”

One of my personal highlights from the trip was from our day trip to San Lorenzo (a nearby port city) where the church in Choluteca has begun church planting efforts. Upon arriving in San Lorenzo, we hopped off our bus at a high school to talk to students about the Gospel of Jesus as they were getting out of class for the day. A little into that time, some of the local church plant leaders and believers joined us as we talked to groups of students about Jesus. Afterward, we went to a local member’s home to share in some fellowship with the church plant team. We heard from some of the leaders about their faith in God’s provision for the church plant, goals for multiplying their small groups, and seeing people come to faith in Christ! Before we left, we had the opportunity to pray over the church plant and team, which was one of my favorite moments of the entire trip. It was extremely powerful to come before God together with our Honduran brothers and sisters, face to face, and ask for God to do mighty things through their efforts for His Glory!

In addition to sharing the Gospel explicitly on a college campus in Choluteca and at the high school in San Lorenzo, we also did in a community called, Las Brisas. This is the community where we also built a rescue home for a family in need. If you can recall from my previous update, one of the older men going with us from a local community church in Columbia, has owned his own construction company for 30 years. Along with the expertise of a local contractor, we were able to help build a home (see the picture above) for Hernadio, Suyapa, and their 4 children (all 5 are in the middle of the picture.) While we worked on the house all week, we were able to build relationships with the family and their neighbors and share the Good News of Jesus with them.

I could go on and on with stories from our trip but I will attempt to sum it up in one sentence. Our students grew in their knowledge of God’s Grace, the local church was encouraged, and God was glorified!

My trip co-leader, Sarah Bell put together this short video our mission trip to Choluteca. It is definitely worth the 3 minutes, she did a great job! (I promise the whole video isn’t me making weird faces)