Project Description

New Building for the Second Church in La Ceiba

As a Church, we have understood that the commandment in Matthew 28 is not negotiable, this is something that every single believer must do in their local church.

We understand that for this to be a reality we need to multiply disciples. We have decided to embrace the 10.5 strategy to plant churches and in alignment with this plan we started to build a new auditorium in a well thought out location in downtown La Ceiba. This new auditorium helps us to be more effective to do outreach, gain people for Christ and make disciples that will be fully equipped to go as missionaries within and outside our borders.

We couldn’t have services at the place where we were meeting due to different circumstances, we analyzed our options and decided to build something that would allow us to do services on our own land.

On March 19, 2017 was a memorable day for our church, on this day we put the first stone of the auditorium down and we started the construction. The local church is committed with the project, giving financially and doing different activities to raise funds. Every week our small groups donate their time to do different jobs that are needed on the site.

We challenged the church to continue to be involved as we have always been, together we were starting a new feat of faith.

The church already held a few services and we are so excited to see the great response of our congregation. Currently we are capable to receive 250 people in the part has been constructed.

By building this new auditorium with an installed capacity for a thousand people, it is our goal to leave our current and future generations with a legacy of love, faith and hope, having the Gospel as the core and the reason to do this. We want this new auditorium to be a place where everybody will find a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

This place will help us to lead people to find purpose in God, lead the youth to live for Jesus and help marriages to be restored and edified.This is our new adventure of faith, we still don’t know what God will do exactly with it but we are convinced that His plans are greater than ours.