Project Description

Total Health Medical Clinic SOYAPANGO

On February 15th, 2017, we officially opened the doors to our brand new Total Health Clinic in Soyapango! The Clinic is housed within our Children’s Development Center in Soyapango and will serve not only the children of the Center but their families and the surrounding community! Dr. Julio Valencia oversees the day-to-day activities of the Clinic and provides the medical care.

Opening this Clinic has been a dream in the making for months. Our church has been celebrating each and every donation, no matter how big or how small, until they all finally added up to be enough to open the Clinic! While we waited, we knew that God was working and He is faithful. We trusted that in His timing He would bring all the donations and we would be able to open the doors of our Total Health Clinic in Soyapango.

We have seen amazing success with Dr. Inri and our Total Health Clinic at our Volcano Development Center. In 2016, the Clinic treated over 3600 patients! Most of these people suffered from acute respiratory complications. Just like the new Clinic in Soyapango, the Clinic at the Volcano CDC serves the children of the Center, their families, and the community. We have even been able to add a psychologist visiting the Clinic three times a week! Dr. Inri has been able to also add physiotherapy and has begun doing small surgeries! In a community where few people can afford the medical help they need, the Total Health Clinic is a safe place to find a doctor, medicine, and Jesus. Every Sunday morning, Dr. Inri walks the neighborhood sharing the Gospel and praying with people and on Tuesday afternoons, the Clinic hosts a Bible study/prayer time. Last year, SIX PEOPLE from the Volcano community were baptized at the beach in La Libertad! Dr. Inri has become a well-known face around the Volcano and people trust him with the health of their families more everyday!

For two days, the Total Health organization sent a team of doctors and nurses to serve in the brand new Soyapango Clinic! There were more people needing medical care than the team could see in two days, but now thanks to Dr. Valencia and the Total Health Clinic, people in the community can come back any weekday to receive affordable and professional medical care and medicine.

The Clinic is open and serving patients everyday from 8am-12pm, but there is still more work that needs to be done. We need to build a new bathroom and upgrade some of the current areas. We need a new bathroom so that the patients can have a private bathroom, away from the children of the Development Center. In order to do this, we still need to raise $1800.

Thanks to the help of many supporters in the States and the Total Health organization, we have also been able to construct a brand new Dental Clinic at our Volcano Children’s Development Center. There is absolutely not dental care available on the volcano, so this Dental Clinic is imperative to the health of the community. We are still fundraising to equip the Dental Clinic. We need to raise another $18,000 to completely equip the Clinic.